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September 2011

Law Commission wants reform to close kidnap loophole

The Law Commission has launched a consultation over its plans to reform the law on kidnap and remove the loophole that could see an offender jailed for just seven years for kidnapping a child.

It said the current definition of kidnap is confusing and ambiguous, and prosecutors usually have to rely on other offenses committed at the same time as the kidnapping to ensure the perpetrator is jailed for a suitable length of time. (more…)

‘Mentally diseased’ comment in Jehovah’s Witness magazine sparks police investigation

It has emerged that the Hampshire police are investigating a comment in the official Jehovah’s Witness magazine, The Watchtower, which calls those who have left the faith “mentally diseased”.

A group of former witnesses, or ‘apostates’ as they are called by the faith, based in Portsmouth complained to the police after reading the article. The police are investigating to determine if the comments breach the UK’s religious hatred laws. (more…)

Rollover contracts banned by Ofcom

The telecoms regulator Ofcom has banned broadband and landline providers from selling rollover contracts after it found the contracts “lock” customers into deals “with little additional benefit”.

Rollover contracts are widely used in within the telecoms industry. Consumers have their year-long contracts automatically renewed without their consent and they are charged a fee to terminate the renewed contract early. (more…)

Government to ban personal injury claim referral fees

Justice Minister Jonathan Djanogly has announced that the Government is to ban referral fees for personal injury compensation claims in order to curb the ‘compensation culture’ in the UK and stop the rise in the cost of car insurance.

In addition, the Government wants to stop losing defendants paying the ‘success fees’ of successful claimants. (more…)

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