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August 2011

Man seeks compensation after wrong part of brain removed

A 63-year-old former paramedic is seeking personal injury compensation after an NHS surgeon accidentally removed the wrong part of his brain during a tumour biopsy operation.

John Tunney had the operation after a tumour in his pituitary gland was discovered by a scan. However, the surgeon at Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry, removed healthy tissue instead of the tumour, leaving Mr Tunney partially sighted and in constant need of care. (more…)

Muslim students call for Shariah student loans in 2012

The Government’s new university fee system, which comes into place next year, will prevent Muslim students from participating in higher education in this country because it contravenes their religious beliefs, say Muslim student groups.

The new scheme, which sees higher yearly fees and higher interest loans to pay for them, conflicts with the rule in Islamic law that says money should not be made from money, thereby banning charging or paying interest. (more…)

Kate Moss comes under fire over planned alterations to Grade II building

Kate Moss has clashed with her new neighbours in the North London suburb of Highgate over her plans to “pimp-up” her new Grade II listed home, which was once the home of the poet Samuel Taylor-Coleridge.

Her plans reportedly include converting the basement  of the £8m property into a state of the art gym, complete with steam room, and attaching satellite dishes and CCTV cameras to the exterior of the property. (more…)

14-month prison sentence for man who gave girlfriend herpes

David Golding, 29, has been sent to prison for 14 months for giving Cara Lee, 23, genital herpes when they were in a relationship. He admitted causing grievous bodily harm by passing the sexually transmitted infection.

It is the first time the courts have jailed a person for passing on genital herpes. (more…)

Property agent sues for share of St Pancras revamp profits

A property agent has launched a legal claim for 25% of the profits that will be made by the developers of the St Pancras Chambers building renovation, which has transformed the Grade 1 listed building into the new St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.

Charles Lissack is claiming a finder’s fee for introducing the Manhattan Loft Corporation (MLC) to the restoration of the gothic landmark hotel project. (more…)

Partner of dead TV presenter loses legal battle for inheritance

The homosexual partner of the late TV presenter Timothy Hadcock-MacKay has lost his legal battle against the executors of the deceased’s will.

Alexander Torquil Mackenzie-Buist told the Court of Appeal that the executors had “eroded” the value of Hadcock-MacKay’s estate and were in danger of leaving him with nothing. However, the court said Buist’s request to have the executors replaced had “no prospect of success” and therefore refused him permission to continue the claim in court. (more…)

Families sue lawyers over failed MMR class action

Three families are suing lawyers for professional negligence after a class action over the side effects of the mumps, measles and rubella (MMR) vaccine failed in 2003. The families have children who suffer from various conditions caused, they believe, by encephalitis, a rare side effect of the MMR vaccine.

However, their claims were included in a 1,000 strong class action for compensation that focused on other, now discredited, side effects: autism and bowel disease. The families believe that the inclusion of their claims within this class action has deprived them of the right to a fair hearing in court. (more…)

Developer who bulldozed regency property without permission receives record fine

John Johnson has been fined £80,000, a UK record, for demolishing his 165-year-old regency villa in Twickenham, South-West London, without planning permission.

The investor razed the £1m property to the ground in January 2011. The property was in the sought-after Trafalgar Road Conservation Area and Mr Johnson needed to get special Conservation Area Consent to demolish the property. (more…)

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