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June 2011

Discrimination against pregnant women still alive in the workplace

Women are still being discriminated against at work because they are pregnant or on maternity leave, say campaigners and employment solicitors.

The discrimination means they are either harassed or pressured into resigning from their job, or they are selected for redundancy. Many employers resort to this tactic and many get away with it, as these cases often go unchallenged because women in low-paid jobs cannot afford legal advice. (more…)

Baroness Cox introduces bill to curb Sharia tribunals in the UK

Baroness Cox, an independent peer, has introduced a Private Member’s Bill to ensure Sharia tribunals and councils operate within the law and do not form a concurrent legal system within the UK.

The Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill has been launched by Baroness Cox as she believes that some Sharia tribunals and councils are “going well beyond their legal remit and some Sharia court rulings are being misrepresented as having the force of the UK law.” (more…)

Facebook messages cause multi-million pound drug trial to collapse

A juror who contacted a defendant through the social networking site Facebook is to face contempt of court proceedings after they caused a multi-million pound drug trial to collapse.

The drug trial in question took place in Manchester in 2010 and was one of four connected trials that cost the taxpayer £6m and took ten weeks to complete. (more…)

£11,000 compensation for pupil scalded by teacher’s hot drink

Middlesbrough Council has released figures revealing the cost of settling personal injury claims brought against schools in its area by parents of children who have been injured whilst at school.

The figures, obtained via a freedom of information request, show that the Council has paid out £34,400 in out-of-court settlements for seven incidents between 2008 and 2011. (more…)

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