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April 2011

British citizen to be deported from Australia after 40 years

A 47-year-old British man, who has lived in Australia since he emigrated with his family at age 6, is being deported to the UK from Australia because of his criminal record.

Whilst Clifford Tucker has been living in Australia for more than 40 years and has not had any criminal offences recorded against him in recent years, the Australian immigration authorities were alerted to his residency status when he returned from a trip to Bali in 2009.

Foreign nationals to be targeted for sham marriages

The Church of England has issued new guidance for clergy urging them to be more cautious in allowing sham marriages to be entered into. The guidance relates to the practice of reading the banns before weddings.

The banns of marriage is the traditional public announcement of the impending marriage. The purpose of banns is to enable any objections to the marriage to be raised, so as to prevent invalid marriages being entered into.

Male solicitor wins sex-discrimination case

John de Belin, 45, was made redundant over his female colleague, Angela Reinholz, who was on maternity leave. An employment tribunal has ruled that he was sexually discriminated against by his employer as they had given Ms Reinholz an “unfair advantage”.

The tribunal found that the law firm Eversheds had “unfairly inflated” Ms Reinholz’s work assessment scores because they feared the legal repercussions that could arise if they made her redundant while on maternity leave. (more…)

Family Justice Review: grandparents’ rights still nonexistent

The Family Justice Review contains radical proposals aimed at reforming the family justice system in England and Wales. It has been hailed as an important step in the right direction towards giving legal recognition to grandparents’ rights to contact with their grandchildren following a divorce or separation.

Under current family law, grandparents do not have any legal right of access to their grandchildren. This is despite the recognised role that grandparents can play in a child’s life. The review aims to have the role recognised by family law in order to make it easier for grandparents to see their grandchildren after an acrimonious divorce. (more…)

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