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March 2011

David Cameron to introduce StartUp Britain entrepreneur scheme

The Prime Minister is due to launch a new scheme to incentivise entrepreneurs set up their own business. The scheme will give new start ups around £1,500 in areas such as internet advertising and IT training.

The StartUp Britain launch follows the announcements in the recent Budget to raise tax reliefs for entrepreneurs and create 21 enterprise zones offering tax breaks. In addition, the Government has pledged to reduce the amount of red tape and provide high-speed broadband to help new businesses. (more…)

Budget 2011: Inheritance tax reforms to encourage charitable legacies

George Osborne announced £540m worth of tax breaks for charities during his Budget 2011 speech on 23 March. The tax breaks include inheritance tax reforms aimed at encouraging people to leave 10% of their estate to charities.

The Chancellor said his goal is for it to become the norm for every person to leave a charitable legacy in their will when they die. In order to encourage people to do this, he is proposing to reduce the inheritance tax levy on the estates of those who do from 40% to 36%. (more…)

Budget 2011 to bring changes to no-win, no-fee

Chancellor George Osborne delivered his second Budget speech on Wednesday 23 March 2011. Whilst outlining the taxes and spending he said  Lord Young’s recommendations on health and safety law would be “fully implemented”.

Lord Young’s recommendations, found in his published report ‘Common Sense, Common Safety’, are intended to remove the red tape currently surrounding health and safety in this country, and remove the oppressive fear faced by employers and public authorities of being sued for minor accidents. (more…)

Injured police officer receives £370,000 for early retirement

A police officer who was injured in a motorcycle accident whilst on duty has been awarded £370,000 in an insurance settlement to compensate him for his injuries and his loss of earnings as he cannot return to work.

Steve Ball, 43, was injured in a head-on collision with another motorcyclist, an experience he described as “terrifying”, in Harrogate 26 July 2006. (more…)

MP uses parliamentary privilege to expose super injunction

Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming has used the constitutional principle of parliamentary privilege to expose a super injunction granted by the court to Sir Fred Goodwin, the controversial former chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Sir Goodwin obtained the super injunction to prevent certain information about him being published in the press. However, the Liberal Democrat MP for Birmingham Yardley has undone the court’s work by saying in Parliament: (more…)

Female barrister paid £70,000 in sex discrimination settlement

Dolores Creen has been awarded £70,000 by the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) in settlement of her sex discrimination claim. The PSNI did not admit any liability, but settled the claim in acknowledgement of the “upset and distress” experienced by Creen during her time working on the Rosemary Nelson murder inquiry. (more…)

Prison officers to sue private security firm

The Prison Officers Association (POA) has gone to the High Court to ask for a judicial review in order to prevent the private security firm, G4S, from bidding for the control of four prisons in England. (more…)

Medical negligence claims – what’s the future for injured claimants?

Claimants who have been injured by medical professionals are going to find it a lot harder to bring their claims against the negligent parties in the future thanks to two moves by the government aimed at cutting costs and reducing the budget deficit. (more…)

Anti-gay Christian couple not allowed to foster children

The High Court has ruled that a Pentecostal Christian couple were not discriminated against by a local authority who did not find them suitable to foster children based on their belief that homosexuality is wrong. (more…)

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