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December 2010

It’s official! Santa Claus is Canadian

It has been one of the most contentious immigration battles in history, but it has finally been determined:  Santa Claus is a Canadian citizen. (more…)

Bernie Madoff fraud trial moves to London

The legal battle over the collapse of Bernard Madoff’s $50 billion (£31 billion) Ponzi scheme moved to London yesterday after the liquidators of his empire issued a new lawsuit against the directors of a London subsidiary. (more…)

The problem with snow

Local authorities are bracing themselves for the possible storm of personal injury claims from members of the public who have been injured in snow-related accidents. (more…)

5 Weird Winter Weather Tales

We bring you a selection of the best law stories linked to this week’s bad weather. All could benefit from some professional legal advice from our directory of UK solicitors. (more…)

Defence of fair comment renamed ‘honest comment’ by Supreme Court

Today’s Supreme Court judgement will significantly impact defamation law in England and Wales as it deals with one of the “most difficult areas of the law of defamation, the defence of fair comment”, renaming it “honest comment”. (more…)

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