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November 2010

Stirling university ‘broke law’, employment tribunal rules

An employment tribunal in Glasgow has ruled that Stirling University broke employment law when it ended the fixed-term contracts of 100 of its employees without consulting the unions. (more…)

First fines issued for breaches of Data Protection Act

A county council and a local business have become the first organisations to be fined for breaching the Data Protection Act. (more…)

Innocent smoothies are subject to VAT, judge rules – despite raw fruit being exempt

Innocent, the popular smoothie making company, yesterday lost its appeal against HM Revenue and Customs over their decision to not refund millions of pounds worth of VAT paid by the company over three years. (more…)

Twitter ‘joke’ trial to continue in High Court

Paul Chambers, 26, is to appeal his conviction for sending a menacing electronic communication, a tweet in which he joked he would blow up the Robin Hood Airport in South Yorkshire, in the High Court in London. (more…)

BBC sued for sex and age discrimination

The BBC is currently being sued for sex and age discrimination in an Employment Tribunal by former Countryfile presenter Miriam O’Reilly. (more…)

Prisoners to get the right to vote

Prisoners are to get the right to vote after David Cameron is advised that resisting the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) 2005 ruling will cost the British taxpayer hundreds of millions. (more…)

Law firms appoint non-executive directors to the board

An increasing number of law firms are bringing in independent directors in order to gain expertise in running a commercial business as opposed to the traditional partnership. (more…)

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