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October 2010

‘Unusually high’ damages awarded in defamation case

A US website has been ordered by the High Court in London to pay the claimants an ‘unusually high’ damages award of £50,000 for defamatory statements posted on their website. (more…)

Work-related stress levels rise as global economy suffers

A British Academy report shows that the global economic downturn has caused an increase in the levels of work-related stress in the UK. (more…)

Solicitors sue police and Prison Service for false imprisonment

Three defence solicitors are suing the police and the Prison Service for false imprisonment and unlawful interference with their legal files. (more…)

Commercial lawyers to replace sports agents?

There are an increasing number of registered commercial lawyers appearing on the Football Association’s list of sports agents. More and more players are choosing to be represented by a lawyer instead of a sports agent. After last week’s Rooney fiasco, the reasons why are becoming more apparent. (more…)

Number of adults without a will rises to 30 million

The number of adults in the UK without a will has risen to 30 million, an increase from 28 million in 2009. This is despite 92% of adults having a clear idea of who they would like to inherit from their estate. (more…)

Commuters angry at being treated like criminals

The hard-line approach being taken by rail companies against fare-dodgers in order to protect their revenue is leaving many commuters angry at being unfairly targeted.   (more…)

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