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Serious sentence for medical negligence

In early November 2013 consultant surgeon David Sellu was convicted of manslaughter by gross negligence and sentenced to two and a half years in prison.

When presented with a patient suffering from severe abdominal pains, Sellu suspected a ruptured bowel but delayed in prescribing antibiotics and doing abdominal scans. The patient, James Hughes, went on to die and the court found that he would have stood a higher chance of surviving had Sellu treated him with the appropriate urgency.


London Metropolitan University seeking judicial review over visa ban

Lawyers for the London Metropolitan University are to appear at the High Court to ask for a ban on recruiting overseas students to be suspended, according to the BBC.

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) last month took away the university’s right to sponsor overseas students due to claims it had not addressed issues regarding English skills and the right of students to be in the UK.


Cycling through the Games – a legal viewpoint

As London 2012 ends its first week, the fear of the city being overwhelmed has fortunately not come to pass. The order and calm will come as a relief to many Londoners, and will certainly impress our international guests, but for cycling Londoners the true ‘Olympic legacy’ may be a bitter taste of what might have been.

In 2007, Sustrans made projections of how the 2012 Olympics would fuel the development of ‘green’ cycle and walking routes throughout the capital. Not one of these proposals came to fruition while more contentious schemes ballooned in cost. The realised vision of the London Games is marked with a particular disinterest in accommodating cyclists. With the controversial ORN Olympic Lanes now in force, the Olympics are pitting cyclists against a gauntlet of temporary routes and pockets of congestion while offering few exemptions or bypasses for bikes.


Met police take tough stance on brothels ahead of Olympics

The Guardian reports that a campaign group, Stop the Arrests, is protesting about the way the Metropolitan police are ‘cleaning up’ brothels in five London boroughs ahead of the Olympics. The Boroughs are Newham, Tower Hamlets, Greenwich, Hackney and Waltham Forest.

Stop the Arrests has attracted backing from some local celebrities and politicians, such as Brooke Magnanti, the author of Belle Du Jour, a novelisation of the memoirs of a call-girl; Labour MP John McDonnell and Jenny Jones, the Green party chairperson.


Part IV of our series on alternative dispute resolution - arbitration

Part IV: Arbitration

Today is the fourth part of our blog series on alternative dispute resolution. The two previous posts have looked at mediation in general and what types of disputes are suitable for mediation.

In this post we will be looking at arbitration, which will be continued in next week’s post when the focus will be on the type of disputes commonly solved through arbitration. (more…)

Female burglar arrested after breaking into Simon Cowell’s London home

Simon Cowell, best-known for his role as judge on the television programme the X Factor, was left terrified on Saturday evening after he encountered a female burglar in his house.

Cowell is said to have heard a loud noise coming from his bathroom. When he went to investigate the cause of the nuisance he encountered a woman armed with a brick. (more…)

London is the legal and financial capital of the UK. The prominent position of the nation’s capital on the world scene entails that some groundbreaking legal decisions are taken here. Have a look at our posts relating to legal developments in London.

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