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Government measures: helping employees to leave, or helping employers to get rid of employees?

The Government has repeatedly stressed that it wants to reform employment law. One of the aims of the reforms is to enable employers to have frank discussions with their employees about their individual performance.

At the moment many employers apparently struggle to have open conversations with their workers, particularly when there are issues concerning employees’ low performance. Employers often fear that these conversations could be used against them in any future unfair dismissal claim. (more…)

Part IV of our series on alternative dispute resolution - arbitration

Part IV: Arbitration

Today is the fourth part of our blog series on alternative dispute resolution. The two previous posts have looked at mediation in general and what types of disputes are suitable for mediation.

In this post we will be looking at arbitration, which will be continued in next week’s post when the focus will be on the type of disputes commonly solved through arbitration. (more…)

Part III of our series on alternative dispute resolution

Part III: Disputes solved through mediation

Today is the third part of our series on alternative dispute resolution. The last post looked at mediation in general, and today we will be looking closer at some forms of disputes that are particularly suitable for being resolved through this form of alternative dispute resolution.

Mediation is a popular dispute resolution method for family and employment disputes, as well as personal injury conflicts. Regardless of the nature of the specific dispute, it is important that the parties are willing to negotiate and are not too entrenched in their positions. The success of mediation rests on the parties’ ability to compromise and come to a joint agreement. (more…)

Part II of our series on alternative dispute resolution - mediation

Part II: Mediation

We are currently running a series on alternative dispute resolution, and this week we are looking into mediation. This will be continued next week when we look closer at what types of disputes can be solved through this method. For last week’s opening blog, click here.

Mediation has become a very popular dispute-resolution method, particularly in family law. Mediation involves the parties sitting down with an independent third party who looks to find common ground between them. (more…)

Disputes and alternative dispute resolution: first of a five-part series

A few weeks ago we concluded our ‘Back to Work’ blog series. Today we are starting a new series on alternative dispute resolution methods and how these can be constructively applied to your situation.

The series will look at:

  • Mediation
  • Common disputes where mediation can be applied
  • Arbitration
  • The forms of disputes that arbitration is applied to (more…)

When can airlines refuse passengers travel?

With Easter around the corner, Britain is preparing itself for one of the year’s busiest travel weekends. Thousands are expected to go abroad on holiday or to spend the long weekend somewhere else in the country.

Airports have prepared themselves by putting in place additional resources in order to make travelling as smooth as possible. For busy airports this will be their last test before the Olympics. (more…)

Blog series: ‘How to get back to work’

Part IV: Interviews (II)

For the past three Wednesdays we have looked at how to write a CV, what to include in a covering letter and what is important to think about at an interview.

The last part of our ‘Back to Work’ blog series will look at how to prepare for unexpected and unconventional interview questions. We will also cover how interviewing techniques have changed over time. (more…)

Blog series: ‘Back to work’

Part III: Interviews

For the past two Wednesdays we have been looking at topics affecting you as a job applicant. So far we have considered CVs and covering letters. This week and next Wednesday we will focus on interviews.

Once an employer has looked at your initial documentation they will make up their minds about whether you might be suitable for the role. If they think that your skills match the job specification then they may call you for an interview. (more…)

Series: ‘How to get back to work’

Part II: CVs

In our Wednesday series ‘How to get back to work’ we are giving you advice on how to make a successful job application. Last week we looked at how to write a covering letter and how to ensure that it contains all the relevant information and is well formatted.

This week we are looking at CVs which, together with your covering letter, will be the first form of contact between you and the employer. (more…)

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