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New Balance to sue fashion mogul Karl Lagerfeld for intellectual property infringements

New Balance is having a fashion moment. Its classic 1970s trainers have been seen on the feet of just about everyone in New York, London and Paris. The brand has enjoyed a huge rise in popularity, going from somewhat nerdy to super cool.

It’s no surprise then that New Balance is more than a little annoyed at Karl Lagerfeld, the head of Paris fashion house Chanel. He has produced a remarkably similar shoe, complete with a ‘K’ logo in place of the iconic New Balance ‘N’.


Mole who sold Dyson tech to Bosch named

An industrial spy alleged to have sold top-secret Dyson vacuum cleaner technology to a rival has been named as Chinese engineer Yong Pang, according to The Telegraph.

Dyson claim Mr Pang was paid £11,500 by Bosch, a German competitor, in exchange for key intellectual property.


US Apple Vs Samsung patent case sinks deeper into farce

Yesterday, the judge overseeing yet another patent dispute between Apple and a competing technology firm, this time Samsung, lost her patience with Apple’s lawyers, according to Ars Technica.

Excluding opening and closing arguments, San Jose US District Judge Lucy Koh allocated each company 25 hours for the trial.


UK student facing extradition to US over piracy

The founder of a website which pointed people in the direction of free movies and television shows who is due to be extradited to the US later this year is the subject of large public support.

A poll by YouGov shows that only 9% of the public agree Mr O’Dwyer should be tried in the US, according to The Guardian.


Creative writing lecturer accused of plagiarism

The Times has today reported that Joanne Benford, an Associate Lecturer in creative writing for the Open University, is being investigated for plagiarism.

The allegations were brought forward by fellow author Alex Keegan when he discovered that a short story he published in 1990, called ‘Postcards From Balloonland’, appeared in an anthology called ‘Coming Up For Air’ in 1995.


Website-hosting university student faces extradition to the US

An English university student is facing extradition to the US after he hosted a site where users were linked to other websites with copyright-protected material. Richard O’Dwyer set up the site TVShack which, according to US authorities, hosted links to pirated films and television programmes.

The university student’s legal representative, Ben Cooper, argued against extradition and insisted that his client’s website had not stored any copyright-protected material itself but merely linked users to external sites. As such, Cooper argued that his client’s site operated in a similar way to Google. (more…)

Landmark copyright lawsuit launched by producers of The Hurt Locker

The producers of the Oscar-winning drama The Hurt Locker have launched an unprecedented copyright infringement lawsuit against nearly 25,000 ordinary Americans.

The production company Voltage Pictures is suing the unidentified ‘John Doe’ defendants for illegally downloading the film via the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing network. (more…)

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In this part of our blog we follow the latest intellectual property disputes and report on any significant changes to intellectual property law.

Intellectual property, including copyright, patents, and trademarks, plays an important role in today’s technology market. There are numerous ongoing disputes between technological giants, and research and development companies, as they seek to protect their valuable intellectual property rights from being infringed by their competitors.

If you are interested in intellectual property law, make sure you heck our blog regularly, as we’ll update it regularly with all the relevant news.

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