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Man obsessed with British woman detained after sailing from Turkey

A 38-year-old Turkish man who sailed to England to find the love of his life has been detained by border staff, according to The Independent.

Ramazan Culum met a British woman while on a scuba diving trip in Cyprus during 2005.


Senior judge warns asylum lawyers over disclosure

The president of the Queen’s Bench of the High Court, Sir John Thomas, has warned solicitors they could face disciplining by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). This may happen if they do not comply with the principle of full disclosure, when making applications to halt the removal of asylum seekers.

Lawyers representing failed asylum seekers can ask the High Court to grant a judicial review or an injunction against removal, in order to keep their client in the country pending further legal action.


London Metropolitan University seeking judicial review over visa ban

Lawyers for the London Metropolitan University are to appear at the High Court to ask for a ban on recruiting overseas students to be suspended, according to the BBC.

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) last month took away the university’s right to sponsor overseas students due to claims it had not addressed issues regarding English skills and the right of students to be in the UK.


Home Office guilty of classifying asylum-seeking children as adults

At the end of last week it was revealed that a group legal action against the Home Office, brought by 40 child-asylum seekers who had wrongly been detained as adults, resulted in a legal bill of £2m for the Office.

The cases were troubling as the children had been deemed to be underaged by social services, but when they arrived at a Home Office screening unit officers ignored the social services’ assessment and were adamant that the youngsters could not be classified as children. (more…)

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