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Ex-NHS Chief drops unfair dismissal claim in ‘super-gag’ deal

A BBC investigation has claimed that Gary Walker, the former chief executive of the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust, has been silenced about the reasons he was sacked by his NHS employers.

Walker was officially dismissed from his £140,000-per-year post in February 2010 for swearing out loud at board meetings. Walker disagreed with the reason given, and launched an unfair dismissal claim.


Sick workers can retake annual leave

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has today ruled that workers who become sick while on annual leave are entitled to take that leave at a later date, according to the BBC.

All EU countries are bound by the ruling and the UK is unable to opt-out.


Former lap dancer wins right to be first to sue for unfair dismissal

This April, Nadine Quashie from Greenford, West London, a former lap dancer at the Stringfellows nightclub in Covent Garden became the first such worker to win the right to sue for unfair dismissal.

In 2008, Quashie was sacked by the nightclub and accused of dealing in illegal drugs. She contested the accusation. However, in 2010 she was refused permission to bring a case by the Central London Employment Tribunal because she was judged to be self-employed. (more…)

Government measures: helping employees to leave, or helping employers to get rid of employees?

The Government has repeatedly stressed that it wants to reform employment law. One of the aims of the reforms is to enable employers to have frank discussions with their employees about their individual performance.

At the moment many employers apparently struggle to have open conversations with their workers, particularly when there are issues concerning employees’ low performance. Employers often fear that these conversations could be used against them in any future unfair dismissal claim. (more…)

Employee dismissed after sexually harassing female colleague online

Employers have an obligation to look after the well-being of their employees, which goes beyond ensuring a safe work environment. As such, many companies have procedures in place to ensure that no worker is discriminated, harassed or bullied at the workplace.

With the expansion of the internet such behaviour now risks occurring in another forum, beyond the office environment. (more…)

Blog series: ‘How to get back to work’

Part IV: Interviews (II)

For the past three Wednesdays we have looked at how to write a CV, what to include in a covering letter and what is important to think about at an interview.

The last part of our ‘Back to Work’ blog series will look at how to prepare for unexpected and unconventional interview questions. We will also cover how interviewing techniques have changed over time. (more…)

Blog series: ‘Back to work’

Part III: Interviews

For the past two Wednesdays we have been looking at topics affecting you as a job applicant. So far we have considered CVs and covering letters. This week and next Wednesday we will focus on interviews.

Once an employer has looked at your initial documentation they will make up their minds about whether you might be suitable for the role. If they think that your skills match the job specification then they may call you for an interview. (more…)

Series: ‘How to get back to work’

Part II: CVs

In our Wednesday series ‘How to get back to work’ we are giving you advice on how to make a successful job application. Last week we looked at how to write a covering letter and how to ensure that it contains all the relevant information and is well formatted.

This week we are looking at CVs which, together with your covering letter, will be the first form of contact between you and the employer. (more…)

Blog series – ‘How to get back to work’

Part I: Covering letter

As promised we are dedicating a series, stretching over four consecutive Wednesdays, with advice and useful information on how to be successful in your hunt for a new job. In this post we are looking closer at covering letters.

Many companies request a covering letter from prospective job applicants to accompany their CV. This is an opportunity for you to highlight why you are applying for the advertised role and how you can be an asset to the employer. (more…)

New Blog series – ‘How to get back to work’

Many visitors come to the blog looking for employment law advice. In the current straining financial climate numerous employees are concerned that their job is in jeopardy and that their skills are out-of-date.

If you have been dismissed and your employer followed all the right procedures then the next crucial step will be to get yourself back on the job market. (more…)

Employment law has become a more contentious topic recently, with the downturn in the economy resulting in more job cuts. Our blog covers recent employment law topics in the news, as well as common questions asked by you. Topics include unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, wrongful dismissal, redundancy, employment rights, minimum wage rights, working time regulations, and employment tribunals.

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