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Supreme Court ruling confirms London as leading centre for international arbitration

A Supreme Court ruling has been widely welcomed by London’s dispute resolution experts as it ensures arbitration remains a distinct alternative to litigation by confirming the parties have a wide discretion to decide how the process will be conducted and, importantly, by whom.

The ruling, which overturned an earlier Court of Appeal decision, means the parties to arbitration can pick their arbitrator using whatever criteria they like, including ethnicity, religion or gender, without the fear of breaching the anti-discrimination laws. (more…)

Prison officers to sue private security firm

The Prison Officers Association (POA) has gone to the High Court to ask for a judicial review in order to prevent the private security firm, G4S, from bidding for the control of four prisons in England. (more…)

‘Bloodgate’ physiotherapist wins appeal against being struck off

Former Harlequins physiotherapist Steph Brennan has won his High Court appeal against being struck off the Health Professions Council (HPC) register after his involvement in the bloodgate rugby scandal. (more…)

International horse rustling case continues in High Court

A 70-year-old pensioner from Derbyshire has been accused of illegally owning three prize winning horses which were allegedly stolen from a stable yard in Belgium one night in December 2008. (more…)

Bernie Madoff fraud trial moves to London

The legal battle over the collapse of Bernard Madoff’s $50 billion (£31 billion) Ponzi scheme moved to London yesterday after the liquidators of his empire issued a new lawsuit against the directors of a London subsidiary. (more…)

Innocent smoothies are subject to VAT, judge rules – despite raw fruit being exempt

Innocent, the popular smoothie making company, yesterday lost its appeal against HM Revenue and Customs over their decision to not refund millions of pounds worth of VAT paid by the company over three years. (more…)

Twitter ‘joke’ trial to continue in High Court

Paul Chambers, 26, is to appeal his conviction for sending a menacing electronic communication, a tweet in which he joked he would blow up the Robin Hood Airport in South Yorkshire, in the High Court in London. (more…)

‘Unusually high’ damages awarded in defamation case

A US website has been ordered by the High Court in London to pay the claimants an ‘unusually high’ damages award of £50,000 for defamatory statements posted on their website. (more…)

Solicitors sue police and Prison Service for false imprisonment

Three defence solicitors are suing the police and the Prison Service for false imprisonment and unlawful interference with their legal files. (more…)

Commuters angry at being treated like criminals

The hard-line approach being taken by rail companies against fare-dodgers in order to protect their revenue is leaving many commuters angry at being unfairly targeted.   (more…)

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