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NHS pilots mediation service

The National Health Service Litigation Authority (NHS LA) has announced a pilot mediation scheme to resolve patient disputes.

Initially the scheme will be available for claims involving infant or elderly fatalities and care of the elderly.


Worry over drop in family law cases since the Government’s change to legal aid

CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) figures show a drop in private law cases from July 2013 to July 2014 of 36%.

These cases tend to relate to living and shared time arrangements for children whose parents are separated.


Chubby Checker to sue Hewlett Packard

An absolutely stonking story, this one.

Until 2012 an app, the Chubby Checker, was available to download through Hewlett Packard software for their Palm OS software. Now the original Chubby Checker is suing HP and the company that made the app, Magic Apps, for $500m.

‘Chubby’ is slang for an erection, and the app was designed to be an amusing piece of software allowing women to estimate the size of a man’s penis. You can see why they used the name – it’s great.


Grandmother hits neighbour twice with her car over access dispute

A 68-year old grandmother, Jean Glyde, from Henllys, near Cwmbran in Gwent, appeared for sentencing at Cardiff Crown Court on Monday, after pleading guilty to a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The Daily Mail reports that the assault happened in the wake of a dispute with Glyde’s neighbours over whether they had access to a driveway on her land. Jonathan Tunley, 38, was hurt in the incident, suffering injuries to his neck and shoulder. His injuries meant that he had to take time off work.


Python producer seeks larger share of Grail

The High Court yesterday learned that the surviving members of Monty Python are note “unpleasant, shifty people” as a case regarding profits gained from 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Producer of the film Mark Forstater has taken the surviving members of the comedy group to court demanding an equal share of profits from spin-offs, particularly the stage musical Spamalot.


Part IV of our series on alternative dispute resolution - arbitration

Part IV: Arbitration

Today is the fourth part of our blog series on alternative dispute resolution. The two previous posts have looked at mediation in general and what types of disputes are suitable for mediation.

In this post we will be looking at arbitration, which will be continued in next week’s post when the focus will be on the type of disputes commonly solved through arbitration. (more…)

Part III of our series on alternative dispute resolution

Part III: Disputes solved through mediation

Today is the third part of our series on alternative dispute resolution. The last post looked at mediation in general, and today we will be looking closer at some forms of disputes that are particularly suitable for being resolved through this form of alternative dispute resolution.

Mediation is a popular dispute resolution method for family and employment disputes, as well as personal injury conflicts. Regardless of the nature of the specific dispute, it is important that the parties are willing to negotiate and are not too entrenched in their positions. The success of mediation rests on the parties’ ability to compromise and come to a joint agreement. (more…)

Part II of our series on alternative dispute resolution - mediation

Part II: Mediation

We are currently running a series on alternative dispute resolution, and this week we are looking into mediation. This will be continued next week when we look closer at what types of disputes can be solved through this method. For last week’s opening blog, click here.

Mediation has become a very popular dispute-resolution method, particularly in family law. Mediation involves the parties sitting down with an independent third party who looks to find common ground between them. (more…)

Disputes and alternative dispute resolution: first of a five-part series

A few weeks ago we concluded our ‘Back to Work’ blog series. Today we are starting a new series on alternative dispute resolution methods and how these can be constructively applied to your situation.

The series will look at:

  • Mediation
  • Common disputes where mediation can be applied
  • Arbitration
  • The forms of disputes that arbitration is applied to (more…)

Arbitration now available to divorcing couples

Couples looking to divorce have traditionally used one of two routes; either mediation or the courts. Mediation as a dispute-resolution process has become popular within the area of family law due to its non-litigious nature, and for its ability to save disagreeing parties time and costs.

Thanks to a new initiative by the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators, which champions arbitration as a dispute-resolution method for separating couples, there is now a third alternative for couples looking to divide their assets upon divorce. (more…)

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