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Legal Ombudsman to handle complaints about PPI Claims Management Companies

The Government announced yesterday that the Legal Ombudsman, set up in 2010 to resolve complaints about lawyers, will be able to investigate grievances from the public about how claims management companies (CMCs) have dealt with mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) on their behalf.

According to the Ministry of Justice, there have been many more complaints against companies handling PPI claims compared to other types of claims companies, such as those dealing with personal injury and unfair bank charges claims.


Dead mother gets involved in boundary dispute

Boundary disputes between neighbours can start off as minor disagreements but can easily turn into long-term legal battles. Neighbours in Staffordshire have become painfully aware of this as a dispute between two households has taken an increasingly ugly turn over the past three years.

The dispute began over shared parking between Mystic Ed (Francis Ward) and his partner Fluffy, and Bill Podmore. (more…)

Property agent sues for share of St Pancras revamp profits

A property agent has launched a legal claim for 25% of the profits that will be made by the developers of the St Pancras Chambers building renovation, which has transformed the Grade 1 listed building into the new St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.

Charles Lissack is claiming a finder’s fee for introducing the Manhattan Loft Corporation (MLC) to the restoration of the gothic landmark hotel project. (more…)

Families sue lawyers over failed MMR class action

Three families are suing lawyers for professional negligence after a class action over the side effects of the mumps, measles and rubella (MMR) vaccine failed in 2003. The families have children who suffer from various conditions caused, they believe, by encephalitis, a rare side effect of the MMR vaccine.

However, their claims were included in a 1,000 strong class action for compensation that focused on other, now discredited, side effects: autism and bowel disease. The families believe that the inclusion of their claims within this class action has deprived them of the right to a fair hearing in court. (more…)

Oxford law graduate sues tutors for ruining her career

Maria Abramova, 28, is suing her tutors for £100,000 for not giving her enough “tuition in exam technique” which caused her to fail her professional exams. (more…)

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In this part of our blog we discuss current civil litigation news including current newsworthy cases and changes to civil litigation procedures. It is a broad subject that can cover international law suits for breach of contract or negligence, and cases involving individuals suing companies or government agencies.

Many people will be involved in civil litigation at some point in their lives, whether personally or as part of their employment. Check our blog regularly so you remain up-to-date with changes to the law, as they may become relevant to you.

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