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What are the obligations to financially maintain a spouse after the end of a relationship?

Whilst you are married to a person you have a legal obligation to support your spouse. If your spouse won’t support you and you are living with your spouse, then you can apply for a court order to make them support you. A family law solicitor can give more advice about these orders an how to apply for one. (more…)

What are the laws on surrogacy?

Child surrogacy involves a woman (the surrogate) achieving pregnancy on behalf of another woman using her own egg fertilised with the intended father’s sperm, usually done by artificial insemination using a syringe, through intercourse, or by medical treatment through IVF. (more…)

In what circumstances are overseas marriages recognised?

All marriages which take place in the UK must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Marriage Act 1949, as amended. Both people must be of the minimum legal age, must not be related to each other in a way that is forbidden by the law, must be of sufficiently sound mind to understand the nature of the marriage contract, and must be acting by their own consent. (more…)

How does ACAS conciliation for employment disputes work?

Employment disputes can arise for a variety of reasons. They may be concerning resolvable issues such as discrimination or pay disputes. Or they may be for more contentious issues such as unfair dismissal or breach of contract. There are a few different methods for resolving employment disputes, the main ones being: internal grievance and disciplinary procedures; mediation; conciliation; and arbitration. And of course, as a final option, the employee may make a claim at an employment tribunal. Which method will be most suitable depends on the type of dispute, the nature of the relationship between the parties, and what outcome the parties are seeking. For legal advice on resolving an employment dispute, contact an employment solicitor. (more…)

How does the UK law treat young offenders?

In England and Wales, a person aged 17 or under who has committed an offence is known as a young offender. The criminal justice system treats young offenders differently to adult offenders, with much greater emphasis on preventing crime and rehabilitating offenders than making the offender suffer for what they have done. (more…)

What are public order offences?

Public order offences are intended to punish crimes involving violence and/or intimidation by individuals or groups. The purpose of public order offences is to balance an individual’s right to free speech and right to assembly with the rights of others to go about their daily lives unhindered. Public order offences are contained in Part 1 of the Public Order Act 1986 (the Act). (more…)

What are the possible remedies for a breach of contract?

A breach of contract occurs when a party does not honour the promises set out in a contract, whether in part or in whole, or when a party interferes with the other party’s performance of their promises under the contract. The remedies available for a breach of contract depend upon several factors, most important of which are the type and seriousness of the breach. (more…)

How does the law distinguish between an accident and negligence?

Many people are confused about the difference between an accident and negligence. The boundary between a blameless accident and an accident that gives rise to a claim for compensation can be seen as blurred. The law, however, does make a distinction. If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault and you want to know if you are entitled to personal injury compensation, you are advised to contact a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer is an expert at detecting when an accident becomes negligence at law. (more…)

How do overseas companies set up operations in the UK?

If you have a company which is established overseas then there are number of steps which need to be undertaken if operations are to be successfully set up in the UK. What will usually happen to start with is there will need to be research undertaken by some of the most senior members of the business. Depending on the nationality of the person coming to the UK, they may need a visa in compliance with immigration legislation. An international business law solicitor can advise on any required visa, and also on business law in the UK. (more…)

How can a company alter its memorandum of association?

Every company must have a memorandum of association that details the name of the company, the company’s objects, the address of the company’s registered office, and the liability and the share capital. The memorandum generally deals with the company’s relationship with bodies outside the company, while the articles of association tend to deal with the internal aspects of the company, such as what needs to be done to make certain changes within the company. (more…)

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