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Ben Letham

Medical negligence claims – what’s the future for injured claimants?

Claimants who have been injured by medical professionals are going to find it a lot harder to bring their claims against the negligent parties in the future thanks to two moves by the government aimed at cutting costs and reducing the budget deficit. (more…)

Divorcing couples face compulsory mediation

The government is introducing new measures that will require divorcing couples to undergo compulsory mediation in a bid to reduce the strain on the family courts and the number of contentious disputes that could be resolved by the parties themselves. (more…)

Are unpaid internships breaking UK employment law?

There is growing opinion that unpaid internships, becoming more and more common for recent graduates, may be in breach of UK minimum wage law. (more…)

It’s official! Santa Claus is Canadian

It has been one of the most contentious immigration battles in history, but it has finally been determined:  Santa Claus is a Canadian citizen. (more…)

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