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BBC presenter guilty of benefit fraud

The Telegraph has today reported that Dan Penteado, a presenter on the BBC’s Rogue Traders programme, has pleaded guilty to more than £24,000 of housing-benefit and council-tax fraud.

Penteado admitted to eight charges of dishonestly or knowingly taking benefits while not declaring his income from the BBC.


Creative writing lecturer accused of plagiarism

The Times has today reported that Joanne Benford, an Associate Lecturer in creative writing for the Open University, is being investigated for plagiarism.

The allegations were brought forward by fellow author Alex Keegan when he discovered that a short story he published in 1990, called ‘Postcards From Balloonland’, appeared in an anthology called ‘Coming Up For Air’ in 1995.


Sick workers can retake annual leave

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has today ruled that workers who become sick while on annual leave are entitled to take that leave at a later date, according to the BBC.

All EU countries are bound by the ruling and the UK is unable to opt-out.


Celebrities caught out dodging tax

Several news organisations are today reporting that a tax avoidance scheme, used by more than a thousand British people including comedian Jimmy Carr, is being investigated by HM Revenue & Customs.

The Jersey-based K2 scheme is reported to be protecting £168 million every year from HMRC.


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