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Couple left with pittance after £1.7m fortune squandered on divorce

A judge has criticised two solicitors for spending £1.7 million on legal fees throughout a divorce, according to The Telegraph.

Judge Clive Million, in a County Court judgement delivered in December, said the couple had driven their marriage “full tilt onto the rocks” and stated they have “spent almost all of their assets in litigation” with each other.


When does a private matter become ‘in the public interest’?

Given the recent publication of photos containing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing at a private property in Provence by the French magazine Closer, we thought we’d look at when invading privacy is justified.

When does intruding into a person’s private life become ‘in the public interest’? Is the fact that Kate Middleton is now a member of the royal family enough to warrant publishing photos of her sunbathing topless whilst on holiday in France?


Daily Mail takes aim at CFAs after £15k libel settlement nets £130k legal bill

The Daily Mail has targeted Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs) after receiving a £130,000 bill for a defamation claim by actor Neil Morrissey which settled for just £15,000, according to The Press Gazette.

In early 2011 The Daily Mail alleged that Mr Morrissey had been banned from a local bar near his home in France for drunken behaviour.


US Apple Vs Samsung patent case sinks deeper into farce

Yesterday, the judge overseeing yet another patent dispute between Apple and a competing technology firm, this time Samsung, lost her patience with Apple’s lawyers, according to Ars Technica.

Excluding opening and closing arguments, San Jose US District Judge Lucy Koh allocated each company 25 hours for the trial.


Jobseekers get their day in court

The High Court is today due to rule on whether a graduate’s human rights were broken when she was made to work in Poundland on a work experience scheme, according to The Telegraph.

23-year-old geology graduate Cait Reilly is challenging the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) regulations surrounding government back-to-work schemes.


Woman wins £1.2m after growing to 6ft5in due to undiagnosed tumour

Kate Woodward, 20, grew to 1.96 metres after St James University Hospital and Leeds General Infirmary failed to diagnose a tumour on her pituitary gland, according to the BBC.

The tumour went untreated between October 2001 and September 2005 and caused excessive growth, bone abnormality and psychological problems for Ms Woodward.


Ex-footballer “racially victimised” by Gillingham FC

Footballer Mark McCammon won his employment tribunal in Ashford, Kent yesterday 18 months after having his contract terminated by Gillingham FC.

The tribunal ruled his dismissal was unfair and that he was racially victimised, according to the BBC.


The lighter side of personal injury cases

The story about a woman awarded almost £112,000 after slipping on some mushy grapes in a grocery store and fracturing her wrists got the Caven office talking about slightly silly personal injury cases, large claims and big payouts.


Arms trafficker jailed for selling £13 million worth of missiles

Mick Ranger, the arms dealer who legally sold Michael Ryan the rifle he used in the Hungerford massacre, was jailed last week for the illegal arms trafficking of surface-to-air missiles to Azerbaijan, according to The London Evening Standard.

Ranger used a Hong Kong-based firm set up in his girlfriend’s name to ship handheld homing missiles, called Manpads, to Azerbaijan from North Korea.


UK student facing extradition to US over piracy

The founder of a website which pointed people in the direction of free movies and television shows who is due to be extradited to the US later this year is the subject of large public support.

A poll by YouGov shows that only 9% of the public agree Mr O’Dwyer should be tried in the US, according to The Guardian.


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