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Premier Foods axing 900 staff by “improving efficiency”

Premier Foods, maker of Hovis breads, is reportedly going to close two bakeries and shed 900 jobs next year, according to the BBC.

The company will close bakeries in west London and Birmingham, as well as cutting 130 distribution routes and closing distribution centres in west London, Birmingham, Plymouth and Mendlesham in order to simplify its bread distribution network.


Pilot wins right to divorce Brazilian wife in UK

An easyJet pilot whose wife refused to return from Brazil to England after a holiday in her homeland has won his legal fight to have their divorce settled in British courts, according to The Telegraph.

Silvana Cattin left her husband, Jean, and refused to return to England with their children after a row several days into a Brazilian holiday.


Justice was a witch in the 1600s

As today is Halloween we thought we’d do something a bit different and have a look at the witch trials of the past, to show that while the justice system does have some creases in need of ironing, things used to be a great deal worse.

The most famous UK trial is the Pendle witch trial of 1612, in which twelve people from Pendle Hill, Lancashire, were charged with murdering a total of ten people by using witchcraft.


Comedian Boyle wins libel case against Daily Mirror

Comedian Frankie Boyle has won a defamation case against the Daily Mirror after the newspaper described him as racist in an article published in July last year, according to the BBC.

Boyle was awarded £50,650 by a High Court jury after deciding that the description was libellous, and another £4,250 for allegations that he had been “forced to quit” comedy show ‘Mock the Week’.


Office of Fair Trading investigating payday loans

According to The Independent, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has increased investigations into payday loan companies.

The OFT sent investigators to 68 payday loan companies from January to May this year, compared to just one in 2011.


Estate left to nephew despite late art historian’s wishes

The nephew of a deceased art historian has won a hearing at the Court of Appeal regarding the inheritance of a property worth £800,000, despite a witness statement by the historian saying his nephew “would be the last person that I would leave the house to”, according to The Telegraph.

William Taylor, 90, believed Roger Taylor, his nephew, would spend all the money if he inherited the property, so wanted to donate £650,000 of his £1m estate to charity.


Landlord complaints on the rise, charity Shelter says

The number of tenants complaining about their landlords has increased by 27% since 2008, according to housing charity Shelter.

A report by the BBC says that the charity sent freedom of information requests to 326 local authorities in July, and received responses from 310.


Car maker Ford expected to cut UK staff

According to a report released by the BBC, the US car maker has said it is going to cut jobs throughout Europe due to a lack of demand.

Ford has car plants in several UK towns including Southampton and Dagenham, and employs some 15,000 staff.


Doctors avoiding pension taxes by temporarily retiring

According to The Telegraph, more than 200 doctors are avoiding tax on their pensions by retiring for 24 hours in order to exploit a loophole.
Each doctor is saving up to £75,000 by retiring before a change was made to the Lifetime Allowance on April 5 this year.

The Lifetime Allowance is the total capital value of one’s pension, excluding state pension arrangements, which doesn’t attract additional tax.


London Metropolitan University seeking judicial review over visa ban

Lawyers for the London Metropolitan University are to appear at the High Court to ask for a ban on recruiting overseas students to be suspended, according to the BBC.

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) last month took away the university’s right to sponsor overseas students due to claims it had not addressed issues regarding English skills and the right of students to be in the UK.


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