A large survey conducted by law firm network LawNet has revealed consumers top motives when selecting a particular legal services provider.

Out of the 25,000 people surveyed, a remarkable 50% still felt that an existing client relationship or recommendation was the most likely way they would end up instructing a law firm. This came in contrast with a mere 4% who said that they would be swayed by price.

The results also showed that just 3% of people were likely to be influenced in their selection by advertising and come at a time where the amount law firms are spending on marketing is at an all time high.

Chris Marston, chief executive of LawNet, used the result to further the argument for a greater emphasis to be placed on sales follow up.

‘Having a great service proposition is all very well, but if enquiries aren't captured and followed up, that’s a terrible waste,’ he said.

‘Follow up isn't being pushy, it’s about responding to an identified need. Satisfied clients will bring repeat business and recommend you to others, and our research has proved that services is much more important than price.’

Furthering his view, Marston went on to say that the 'customer experience' now being offered by law firms should mirror that adopted by most in the retail sector.

‘In a world where clients can place an order online, choose a delivery slot and receive an almost instant email dispatch confirmation, those expectations are being brought into the legal sector and firms must do all they can to improve the customer journey.’