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In the UK the number of married people divorcing has been steadily reducing over recent years and in 2007 the number of divorces was 144,220 - the lowest number since 1977. Despite this, there are predictions that divorces will rise as people feel the pressure of recession, and the Divorce Show 2009, the only fair dedicated to divorce, will be held at the NEC in Birmingham. Divorce solicitors are often used by couples going through divorce who cannot come to an amicable decision. In Birmingham, divorce solicitors exist in various areas of the town with varying capabilities. It is important to instruct a solicitor who is proficient at negotiation as it is common to reach agreements outside of a courtroom and one should be properly represented in these meetings.

If you are required to attend court in Birmingham, divorce solicitors are essential. Your solicitor will be able to advice you on what fair division of the assets might be, who is likely to gain custody of the children, or any other issues you may be concerned about. If you attend the family courts in Birmingham it is likely you will need to go to Priory Courts, 33 Bull Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B4 6DS.

The local Citizens Advice Bureau may be able to give you some advice about your rights, especially if you require legal aid. The Citizens Advice Bureau can be found at Birmingham Field Office, Fifth Floor, Norfolk House, Smallbrook, Queensway, Birmingham. Divorce solicitors will be able to provide you full representation in the event that you need to go ahead with or agree to a divorce.

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