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Divorce rates in Ireland have been on the increase in recent years from figures published by the Irish Independent. In 2003 the number of people divorced in Ireland was 35,100; in 2006 this figure had increased to 59,000. This figure does not include the number of couples who choose to separate rather than divorce or separate in the run up to a divorce. If you are thinking about separating or divorcing your husband or wife then it is extremely important that you should speak to a divorce lawyer who will be able to walk you through the legal practicalities of each route. We can transfer you to highly experienced divorce lawyers in Belfast who can provide you with the specialist advice you need.

Often many people do not think about want will happen as a consequence of divorce - such as how your will or insurance policies will become affected - and these are matters that a lawyer can advise you on. Equally, our divorce lawyers in Belfast have experience in negotiating financial settlements and child custody on behalf of their clients and in some cases this may not even require you to attend court. Child custody can become a distressing time when parents cannot agree on where their children should live following a divorce, or decide on the maintenance that should be paid by one spouse to the other. If you and your spouse or ex-spouse cannot come to an agreement then before heading to court to sort out your child custody issues you may want to consider mediation as a more relationship-friendly alternative and this is something divorce lawyers in Belfast can discuss in detail with you.

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