Bad Car Accidents


Anyone that has been involved in a bad car accident which leads to personal injury may be entitled to a claim for compensation. Car accidents are also referred to by the names car crash, road accident, traffic accident, vehicle collisions etc and provided the accident is with another vehicle, pedestrian or property an innocent victim can make a claim against a negligent driver.

The sum for the damages you can receive for bad car accidents varies depending on how accurately the item of loss can be calculated and is generally backed up by documentary evidence. You can receive damages for most types of injuries, including pain and suffering caused by the injury, loss of wages both up to the date of settlement and projected into the future, compensation for loss of promotion or other job opportunities, disadvantage in the labour market due to factors related to the accident, inability to carry out day-to-day tasks or hobbies, expenses for physical care both in the immediate aftermath of the accident and long term when necessary, damage to vehicle and insurance excess and interest on any losses either from the date of the accident or the date of issue of legal proceedings.

People are often worried about the cost incurred by legal proceedings, but these days with car accidents you often undertake no financial risks when making a compensation claim and sometimes you may not even be liable to pay any costs or fees whatsoever, whatever the outcome of your claim. It is vital to talk to a specialist personal injury solicitor who will be able to help you with this.

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