Avoiding speeding tickets


Speeding tickets are issued as a punishment and deterrent for driving over a permitted speed. Although some tickets are issued by law enforcement employees, the majority are issued automatically through the use of various speed cameras.

The goal for all of society is to minimise the number of speeding tickets. Avoiding dangerous driving, the government hopes, can be helped by drivers not speeding. Even cameras are designed in a manner that helps drivers who are trying to avoid speeding tickets. For example, the standard Gatso camera is housed in a large bright yellow box. This design is intended to ensure that drivers who are mindful of their environment will notice the camera in advance and slow down (if necessary) in time.

Speeding tickets are normally associated with fines, and the amount of the fine depends on the circumstances. Each ticket usually means the driver will also have points (normally three points) endorsed on their license.

A separate offence relates to an individual who refuses to provide the details of the driver of a vehicle at the time the vehicle was caught speeding. In trying to avoid speeding tickets by not admitting to driving, or not identifying the driver of the vehicle, individuals may be subject to six points on their licence rather than the normal three points.

If you have been caught speeding and were issued a ticket or worse, you may benefit from the advice of a legal professional. The law regarding speeding can be quite complex and evidence of speed can sometimes be challenged. Consulting with a motoring solicitor may help ensure that all of your rights are protected, and that your side of the event is properly represented.

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