Media Law - how might it affect you?

Media law is a very specialist area of law closely related to contract, commercial and intellectual property law. It provides the framework for a wide range of legal issues relating to the media and entertainment industry.

Our recommended network of media solicitors provide a full range of legal services which enable you to acquire, exploit and protect your intellectual property rights. These services range from (but are not restricted to) drafting, negotiating and advising on relevant agreements and documents to protecting creative work and setting up a record label or publishing company.

The media law services provided include:

Music, TV and Film:

  • Agency agreements
  • Brand agreements (partnership agreements or shareholder agreements)
  • Distribution agreements (digital and physical product)
  • Image rights contracts
  • Non-disclosure agreements (also known as confidentiality agreements)
  • Release forms
  • Management contracts, songwriting or sponsorship agreements
  • Music video and DVD agreements
  • Recording and publishing contracts
  • Brand protection and trademarks
  • Disputes regarding breach of contract
  • Disputes regarding ownership or infringement of intellectual property rights

Digital media:

  • Content licences
  • Online services terms and conditions
  • Regulations and legislation applicable to digital service providers
  • New media projects, including e-business start-ups

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Last updated: 13/06/2011
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