Emigration Law

Emigration Law set out the legal guidelines in which individuals and businesses can operate in a foreign country (other their country of birth). Emigration law can vary from person to person - depending on the nationality of the applicant and on the laws of the country where he or she wishes to emigrate.

We mainly, but not exclusively, deal with emigration to the USA, Australia and Canada.

Our recommended solicitors can advise on your eligibility, fill in and submit applications on your behalf for a variety of visas. Our highly experienced network of emigration solicitors can also help with appeals against visa rejections.

For long term residence the following options are the most common ones:

  • Immigration based on family relatives/family member visa
  • Immigration based on employment/employment visa
  • Immigration based on Investment/investment visa
  • Immigration based on business/business visa
  • Highly skilled migrant (available for Australia)
  • Appeals against rejections

The following are the more common short term visa categories that our emigration solicitors can advise on:

  • Spouses and children of US permanent residents
  • Business visitors
  • Holiday visitors
  • Treaty trader/investors
  • Students
  • Temporary professional workers, nurses and trainees
  • Members of the media
  • Exchange visitors
  • Intra-company transfers

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Last updated: 29/06/2011
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