Defamation Law

There are three aspects of defamation law to understand:

1) Defamation

Defamation law helps to protect the reputations of both individuals and businesses when these come under unjustified attack. The two types of defamation are:

  • Libel: in which the publication of an untrue allegation causes damage to reputation
  • Slander: in which the damaging allegation is by way of an untrue oral statement

Our network of recommended defamation solicitors has extensive experience in dealing with both individuals and companies of every size including charities, book, magazine and newspaper publishers, broadcasting organisations and on line publishers.

Our lawyers have expertise in dealing with defamation on the internet such as: posting or hosting defamatory statements; libelous comments made by mass emails, on forums or on-line bulletin boards.

Because defamation actions can be very expensive, most of our recommended solicitors can represent clients on a “no-win, no-fee” agreement or a CFA.

2) Malicious Falsehood

Untrue allegations that do not relate to reputation, but can nonetheless be damaging, come under the law of malicious falsehood. Malicious falsehood is the publication of statements known by the publisher to be untrue which cause financial loss to the claimant.

3) Privacy

Each individual has the right to respect of their privacy with regards to his or her own private life, family matters and correspondence.

  • An infringement of an individual's private life will involve the wrongful disclosure of matters that are private

Our solicitors can:

  • Advise both claimants and defendants, once publication has occurred on the legal effect of the words in question and on the appropriate level of damages payable for publication of damaging material
  • Guide our clients through any available defences
  • Advise clients of ways to avoid liability for any of the above causes of action and can provide legal clearance of copy before publication
  • Provide advice for employers with regards to an employer’s liability for the actions of their employees and advise on policies and contractual obligations to put in place

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Last updated: 13/06/2011
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