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In Leicester, employment solicitors will undertake most of their advocacy work at the employment tribunal, located at 5a New Walk, Leicester. Employment solicitors, however, will only attend the employment tribunal as a last resort and will always attempt to settle a claim before it gets to tribunal stage.

Employment solicitors in Leicester, as elsewhere, when instructed by an employee will commence a claim by writing to the employer and asking some questions. This questionnaire will later be used as evidence and often involves a lot of detailed questions which can take a lot of research and management time to properly complete. Failure to properly complete a questionnaire can result in the employer being penalised in the tribunal.

As in the rest of the country, in Leicester employment solicitors should always attempt to settle a case before it gets to the tribunal. Settlement of the case saves costs for both parties, saves tribunal time and prevents public embarrassment for the employer and the employee. Unfortunately, many employers are wary of settling a case as they feel it shows they are admitting that they were in the wrong and admission may encourage other employees to make similar claims which will cost the business more in the long run. As an employer, it is important that you take advice on the best course of action, as a failed court case can result in more damage to the firm’s reputation than settling a claim. It is also possible to make signing a confidentiality agreement conditional to the settlement. 

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