Are you due compensation for your acute injuries?


Acute injuries are those which appear and progress immediately but are of limited duration. They can disappear and reappear, unlike chronic pain which is constant. However, this is not to say acute injuries cannot be the precursor to chronic pain. They are a common result of road accidents, and can also stem from minor burns and cuts or from sports-related activities leading to muscle strains and sprains. They are best cured by using the acronym RICE - a combination of rest, ice, compression and elevation. Regardless of how serious or minor the damage, acute injuries which are the fault of another party could mean that you are entitled to compensation.

The amount of compensation you receive is dependent on the type of injury you sustain and its long-term implications. Medical evidence will be necessary in every case alongside a clear link between the accident and the injury. It will also be necessary to show that the person you are making a claim against owed you a duty of care and that the breach of that duty of care led to your injury. For example, all road users have a duty of care towards each other and any party that is speeding resulting in an accident is in breach of their duty of care. If you are the victim of personal injury, including those other than acute injuries, you should bring your claim within three years of the accident (or knowledge of the injury). This is known as the limitation period, and if you do not act within this you risk losing your entitlement. This period is extended to the age of 21 in the case of children.

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