Are online personal injury claims likely to be successful?

A personal injury can give rise to a claim for compensation if it was the fault of another person, business or organisation. It does not matter whether the injury was physical, psychological or both, but in order to qualify for a claim you must have received medical attention for the injury. If you have been injured in such circumstances, you should first consult a specialist personal injury solicitor for legal advice.

To use claims management companies?

Today, many personal injury claim management companies offer services both on television and with representatives in shopping centres and on the high street. Although their service may be useful in some instances, there is little substitute for taking first hand legal advice from a qualified personal injury solicitor. Many also only use a very limited pool of solicitors.

The Law Society operates an accreditation scheme for specialist personal injury solicitors, who must demonstrate experience in the field in order to qualify for the scheme.

Simply put, PI claims are not something to be taken lightly. PI is a complicated area of law, requiring experienced, specialised professionals.

It is also worth noting at this stage that compensation is only ever awarded to compensate you for actual loss. You are able to claim for loss of earnings, impact on your personal life and also for pain and suffering caused, but a court will not award damages solely to punish the defending party for what they have done to you.

Solicitors now offer access to their services over the internet, although in many cases this will merely be a first introduction before speaking to a lawyer in person over the telephone.

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Last updated: 16/06/2011
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