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An appeals lawyer must present appeals to the courts. An appeal is a remedy initiated by an individual party in order to be granted a review by a superior court, due to an unsuccessful previous decision. The appeals lawyer will initiate the appeal on behalf on the appellant or will act on behalf of the appellee who files a response against the allegations made against them. An appeals lawyer will be looking at three main grounds on which an appeal may be allowed - an error of law, an error in fact or an error in procedure.

An appeals lawyer must possess the capability to deliberate on legal issues from a judge’s perspective. Appeal courts do not only attempt to reach correct decisions but also tend to form precedents for future cases, hence an appeals lawyer should be aware of the effect of the precedent on the court as well as cases to come. 

An appeals lawyer may be used in a variety of cases and courts, and is present in all areas of law. They must also be able to communicate effectively and convincingly as it crucial that the reasons for appeal are fully understood and clearly detailed.  Another skill that a successful appeals lawyer must have is the ability to argue effectively the legal and factual data related to the case. Lastly, it is necessary for the lawyer to be well aware of the circumstances in which appeals may or may not be granted as well as the sometimes complex nature of appeals.

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