Alternatives to Litigation


People trained as mediators are there to help others resolve disputes. A mediator will help you and the other side to try and identify the issues you can't agree on and help you to reach a settlement to the dispute. Mediators are neutral and will therefore not take sides in the dispute.

The aim of mediation is to arrive at a solution to the dispute that is acceptable to both sides. These points are generally recorded at the meeting with a view to creating a legally binding document resolving the dispute.

Collaborative Law: (Family law matters)

For family law matters the collaborative law process is a relatively new way of dealing with such disputes. Each person appoints their own lawyer but instead of conducting negotiations between you and the other side by letter or phone you meet together to work things out face to face. This avoids the expense of court as well giving you control over where and when you decide to conduct your negotiations.

If you feel that mediation could be the way forward for you, give us a call or fill in the web-form on the right - our advisors will be able to find you the best mediator for your needs.

Last updated: 22/06/2011
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