Airplane Accidents


Airplane accidents can be very distressing and complicated. If you or a family member has been injured in an accident onboard an aircraft in the last two years then you may be entitled to compensation. People are often worried about the cost of bringing a legal case against an airline, but many aviation lawyers will be happy to proceed on a "no win no fee" basis. Alternatively, depending on your travel insurance policy, you may also have legal cover which you can rely on. Furthermore, if you are an airline employee such as a pilot, cabin-crew member, baggage handler, or any other airline or airport employee, your employer has a duty of care to prevent you from suffering an injury and they can be liable for failing to take reasonable care to ensure your safety.

Airplane accidents can range from minor onboard accidents such as burns from spillages of hot liquids, food poisoning, trips and slips, injury from falling luggage or turbulence to major plane crashes. Crashes can be the result of mechanical failures, weather or pilot errors. The Warsaw Convention provides that airline companies are liable to compensate you for airplane accidents even if they are not at fault. This is provided that you fall within the legal definition of an accident. A specialist airline accidents solicitor would be able to help you determine whether you fall into this category. They are trained to evaluate and determine the liability of aircraft operators particularly as aviation laws are often complex.

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