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London can trace its history back to the Romans, who founded the city with the name Londinium. At the centre of London is the City. This area measures only one square mile, but maintains the medieval history of the UK’s capital city. London, as it is known today, actually refers to the metropolis that has developed around the City over the last six centuries.

Many people who hire a law firm in London will need advice and help with financial matters, as the City of London is a financial centre being the base for many of the top 100 FTSE index companies that are currently trading. As the laws governing financial services are highly complex, you should always use the services of a suitably qualified solicitor in any court case you are thinking of bringing.

Any law firm in London that you do hire must have solicitors that currently have a practising certificate. The Solicitors Act 1974 makes it a legal requirement for all solicitors to have this certificate. Check that the law firm in London you are using has these certificates in place.

A law firm in London may also handle criminal cases, as London is the base for the criminal justice system. The High Court and Crown Courts are based in London. The Central Criminal Court in London is perhaps the best known, as this court is also known as the Old Bailey. If you hire a law firm in London, solicitors will usually staff them. They should also be able to put you in touch with a barrister, as solicitors cannot handle criminal cases in court.

Barristers that are part of a law firm in London have a professional body that represents them. This is called the General Council of the Bar, and is usually referred to as the Bar Council. If you have a complaint about a barrister that is representing you, the Bar Council can help.

London has many civil and criminal courts. The main central criminal court is the Old Bailey. You can contact this court at:

Old Bailey



Main switchboard: 020 7248 3277

General cases will be heard by a county court. You can contact the county court in London at:

13 - 14 Park Crescent



Main switchboard: 020 7917 5000

If you need general help and advice, especially about legal aid, the Citizens Advice Bureau can be found at 32 Ludgate Hill. Telephone: 020 7236 1156.

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