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A UK adoption lawyer is a family solicitor who specialises in adoption cases. As with most areas of law, the adoption law in the UK is quite complex. This complexity creates a need for solicitors to specialise in the field. A UK adoption lawyer will normally work at a law firm specialising in family matters, or a full-service law firm which offers adoption law advice.

Alternatively, a UK adoption lawyer could work as legal counsel at adoption agencies. Such agencies deal with the complexities of adoption and the legal procedures surrounding it on a daily basis. These agencies therefore often need the in-house services of a solicitor. Another possible occupation for a legal adoption specialist is in the governmental body which enforces legal adoption compliance in the UK

If you are seeking to adopt a child, you will benefit greatly from the professional advice that an adoption lawyer in the UK can give. Their advice will ensure that you are fully aware of the legal procedures necessary for an adoption to take place. However, it is important to remember that the UK legal system is not a unified system, and that Northern Ireland and Scotland have different adoption laws to those of England and Wales. For example, for an adoption to become legal in England the child must live with the parents for a minimum period of ten weeks. The minimum period in Scotland and Northern Ireland is 13 weeks. When hiring an family solicitor you must check that the lawyer is qualified in your jurisdiction.

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