Have you been involved in accidents leading to death?


Accidents leading to death are clearly unfortunate, but the facts are that they do happen, and often devastated family members and loved ones are left to cope. If the fatal accident was someone else's fault, then the family of the deceased may be able to make a fatal injury compensation claim. There is no exhaustive list of types of accidents that result in death but they can include: accidents at work such as trips and falls, falling objects, crushing, industrial disease or clinical negligence, road accidents including driver, passenger and pedestrian, and many others like accidents whilst overseas, either on holiday or business.

Most dependants can make a claim after an accident resulting in death and they should bring the claim within three years of the fatal incident. A dependent is generally the deceased's spouse, child or anyone who has evidence that they relied on the deceased for financial support. Compensation in fatal-accident claims include: bereavement, funeral expenses and compensation for the deceased's contribution to family income and family pension plans. Compensation may also be available for the deceased’s pain and suffering before death and other miscellaneous costs.

If you are concerned about the circumstances of the death of a loved one and would like to make a claim for compensation then you should consider seeing a solicitor who has specialist knowledge and experience as soon as possible. It can also help to have a solicitor to assist you in obtaining any paperwork related to the deceased’s death and assessing the merits of any claim you wish to make.

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