Accidents Involving Horses


Horse riding can be an enjoyable leisure activity, but when dealing with animals as powerful and unpredictable as horses, accidents can happen. Being involved in horse accidents can lead to serious injury. 

Horse accidents may occur in a variety of ways and in a various settings, such as:

  • Road traffic accidents. Horses on roads can react unexpectedly and collisions involving horses and motor vehicles or pedestrians can occur
  • Horse riding and equestrian centres. Horse accidents can occur whilst horse-riding for leisure or competition in showgrounds and private horse-riding centres.
  • Private property. Horse accidents can occur when owners of horses allow guests to pet and ride horses on their property.
  • Working with horses. Employees working or volunteering at riding schools, stud farms, racing stables or competition centres may sustain injury.

Common injuries may occur from falls, being kicked by a horse, being trodden on or crushed by a horse. Common injuries sustained from horse accidents include bruising, grazing, broken bones, and spinal injuries. Depending on the particular circumstances of your incident, such as who owns the horse and the property, you may be able to claim compensation.
You may be able to receive compensation for such physical injuries, pain and suffering and loss of amenity. You may also receive compensation for financial losses and expenses caused by the accident, such as medical costs and consequent lost earnings. It is a complicated area, and specialist advice is advised.

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