Accidents involving cyclists


Cyclists are vulnerable road users. In 2008 the number of cyclists involved in casualties was 16,297*, and of these casualties, 115* resulted in death. 90%** of cycle accidents occur in urban areas, with 75%** of these occurring at, or near, road junctions. Cyclists also have a duty of care towards other road users. This means they must have regard for the safety of other road users, and follow the Highway Code.

Careless or negligent behaviour by road users can result in road-traffic accidents. Cyclists who have suffered an injury resulting from a road-traffic accident, which they did not cause, may be entitled to compensation. Compensation after an accident is often necessary for cyclists who have suffered an injury. This is in order to recover the financial expenses of medical treatment and alternative transport costs. Compensation also can be necessary if the injury has not allowed the cyclist to return to work, resulting in lost earnings. Compensation for cyclists can also include a sum to cover the pain and suffering caused by the accident. Cyclists, if involved in a road-traffic accident, should contact a personal injury solicitor immediately to ensure the maximum amount of compensation is received. Unlike drivers, cyclists do not have insurance companies to recover personal injury compensation for them, so a solicitor is even more essential.

Cyclists can also have accidents on poorly maintained roads, for example roads with potholes or broken street lamps that hide cycling hazards. If the local council was aware of these hazards, or should have been aware of these hazards, and failed to correct them, then a cyclist who was injured as a result may have a claim for compensation.

*Statistics taken from the DfT

** Statistics taken from the RoSPA

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