Accidents Causing Injury


An accident resulting in injury can be painful and traumatic regardless of how it occurred. Therefore you could be entitled to compensation to help you deal with this experience, provided the injury from the accident was caused through no fault of your own. The law provides protection for innocent victims of another person’s negligence, provided that any claim is brought within three years of the incident occurring. One exception to this is unless the accident was onboard an aircraft, in which case it must be reported within two years.

Common accident and injury claims are for car and motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, accidents in public places, medical treatment and industrial disease accidents, accidents at home or at work and accidents involving faulty products. The amount of compensation to which you may be entitled depends on the type of injury you have suffered. More serious injuries like deafness can pay over £65,000 whereas less-severe accidents causing injuries like whiplash can result in damages from a couple of hundred pounds upwards.

Every accident-related injury case is different and there are a number of additional deciding factors such as your age, as the younger you are the longer the impact any permanent injury will have on your life; the length of time it will take to recover and if the injury will result in a permanent level of disability. In any case the claim is likely to be assessed by an experienced analyst and it is important you appoint an experienced personal injury solicitor so that they can be sure you have received the correct entitlement.

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