Accidents and cars


Much long-term injury and disability in the UK is preventable injury caused by accidents. Cars and other road users are large contributors to these accidents, as cars are a dangerous weapon when in the hands of inexperienced or irresponsible drivers. Drivers and cars involved in accidents will generally be insured for property damage and injury to people, but what about the longer-term consequences of injury, such as the loss of earnings and loss of quality of life that can occur from a serious injury?

If somebody else was at fault, even partially at fault, it might be possible to claim compensation from them. Compensation can cover not only immediate financial costs such as medical bills and ambulance fees, but can also cover loss of amenity, loss of future earnings and loss of quality of life. In some circumstances it can also cover mental anguish and suffering. The amount of compensation awarded varies from claim to claim, depending upon an assessment of your individual circumstances.

If you have been injured in a car accident and think that it was somebody else’s fault, you should speak to a specialist solicitor who can advise you. It is not only other drivers against whom you can make a claim. If there was some other cause of the accident, such as poorly maintained roads or hazards on the road, you may be able to claim from the local authority, such as a council or highway authority.

You can still claim road accident compensation even if the other driver was not insured or you think they don’t have enough money to pay you compensation, of if you cannot find them. In such situations the Motor Insurers’ Bureau may pay the compensation.

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