Accident statistics in the UK


We are all aware that unfortunate accidents occur. We hear about them in the news frequently. However, it may be a shock to learn some common accident statistics. UK citizens suffer injuries from accidents at work, at home, on the roads, in public areas, and in many other settings every day. The following are some accident statistics UK citizens suffered in recent years. However, it must be remembered that not all accidents are reported, and thus the true accident statistics that UK citizens contribute to are different, and most probably higher.

At work

The past year shows that the number of accidents suffered at work included 136,771 reported injuries and a further 299,000 reportable injuries. A shocking 229 workers were killed at work.

On the roads

In 2008, there were a total 230,905 road casualties in accidents reported. 28,572 people were killed or seriously injured and 2,538 people were killed in road accidents in the UK.

At home

Hospital attendance figures show huge numbers of injuries occurring in the home (this can be split into outdoor [gardens, for example] and indoor). In 2002, 540,134 accidents occurred outdoors, and 2,122,980 indoors*.

Accidents can cause huge physical, emotional and financial stress. Not all accidents are able to be compensated. Compensation may be available for an accident if you can establish that it was someone else’s fault. The law says that certain categories of people have a duty of care towards other people to avoid injury to them or their property. If a person breaches this duty by failing to exercise ordinary care to avoid injury to other persons or their property and you suffered harm or loss as a result of this you may have an accident compensation claim.

*All statistics taken from the Department for Transport, the Health and Safety Executive and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

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