Have you had an accident at work?


If you have recently suffered an accident at work you may wish to look into your options for redress and compensation from your employer. Whilst accidents at work may sometimes seem like they are nobody's fault in particular, and whilst both employers and employees have rights and responsibilities in relation to health and safety in the workplace, your employer may nonetheless be liable.

An accident at work can occur in a variety of ways. Accidents don't only occur in a factory - accidents frequently occur in the office and across a broad range of industries such as in the service industry and the construction industry. Common accidents occur from:

  • Strains from manual tasks
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Unsafe working practices
  • Hazards in the workplace
  • Injury from machinery
  • Inadequate protective equipment

There are a number of common underlying causes of accidents at work, such as:

  • Failure to adopt a proper system of safe working practices
  • Failure to educate employees on safe working practices; inadequate induction and training
  • Failure to establish a hazard identification scheme
  • Dangerous work tasks
  • Inadequate supervision

What to do you if you have an accident at work

If you have an accident at work some steps you should take include:

  • Make a record of the accident
  • Ask your employer to report the accident to Health and Safety Executive (HSE), if it is a reportable accident
  • If the accident is due to any health and safety issues at work, discuss them with your employer or the employee safety representative and ensure they are addressed
  • Check your employment contract or written statement of employment for information about your sickness or accident entitlements
  • Try to negotiate any expenses recovery, leave entitlement, etc directly with your employer
  • Consider making a claim for compensation

Compensation for an accident at work

If you have been injured from an accident at work you may wish to obtain advice as to if you are eligible to make a claim for compensation from your employer. The costs of injuries can be quite high, including lost earnings, medical bills, rehabilitation costs and long-term health problems. Compensation aims to put you in the position you would have been in had the accident not happened. You may receive damages for any physical and mental pain that you have endured.

Making a claim for compensation

You may be able to claim compensation from your employer if your employer has failed to comply with any of the health and safety regulations, or has otherwise failed to take reasonable precautions for your safety in the particular situation, and therefore failed in their duty of care, and your accident at work was caused in whole or in part by this failure.

Claiming for compensation does not need to result in any damage to the employment relationship, or its termination. By law, your employment cannot be terminated as a result of an office accident claim. You should be able to return to work once you are well again. Your employer should have insurance to cover them against any compensation claim by employees.

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