About the Supreme Court


From 1 October 2009, the UK obtained a new high court. The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom replaces the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords - usually referred to as the Law Lords - as the highest court of appeal in the UK.

The Supreme Court rules on points of law that need clarification, or where an appeal has failed in the High Court, with the accused being given permission to appeal to the Supreme Court. This applies to all criminal cases in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Located in Parliament Square opposite the Houses of Parliament, the new Supreme Court occupies the newly renovated Middlesex Guildhall. The Supreme Court came into being as the direct result of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005. Its key duty is to provide even greater separation between the legislature and the judiciary that should deliver a fairer legal system to all citizens in the UK that they can rely upon.

At the core of the new Supreme Court is its independence. The first Supreme Court judges will be the existing Law Lords, with the Senior Law Lord becoming the Supreme Court President. The Supreme Court will also be the first to have some of its activities shown on television.

If your case is granted permission to appeal to the Supreme Court, you must have proper legal representation. Your barrister will speak for you when your case appears before the court judges. As appeal cases can be complex, it is important to ensure your barrister is fully aware of the details of your case. In some cases you can approach a barrister directly, but the usual route will be via a solicitor that can often recommend a suitable barrister to help you fight your case.

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