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Using a solicitor is just like buying any other service. The Law Society represents all solicitors in England and Wales. A law firm in the UK will usually have a number of solicitors each with their own specialisms.

If you need help with a particular area of the law, a law firm in the UK should be able to help you. The Law Society also has a special Lawyers for Your Business Scheme if you need a solicitor to help with an aspect of your business.

A law firm in the UK will need to ensure that all of its solicitors have a practising certificate. Holding this certificate means that they are authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. This is independent of the Law Society. If you are in Northern Ireland, the Law Society of Northern Ireland issues the practising certificate.

Any law firm in the UK that is currently trading must have a complaints procedure. If you are unhappy with the service you have received, you should contact the law firm directly. After you have corresponded with your law firm and if you still can’t come to a satisfactory agreement you can contact the Legal Complaints Service (LCS).

In most cases the LCS will be able to solve your dispute. If they can’t, you could take your case to the Office of the Legal Services Ombudsman (OLSO). Your last resort will be taking your law firm to court. As this can be a highly expensive course of action to take, it is vital that you have legal representation at every step of your case.

Never try and handle these types of cases yourself. The law can be enormously complex in these matters and open to wide interpretation. Your legal representative will be able to speak for you and also give your case its best chance of success.

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