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London is one of the world’s leading financial centres. As the base for Lloyds of London, insurance services have become an important aspect of the UK’s overall gross national product. The City is a square mile at the centre of London and contains most of the financial institutions that make up the financial wealth within London. The City of London should not be confused with the rest of the city that has grown up around this financial centre.

When searching for a law firm in London it is important to clearly understand the service you need. As London is a financial centre, many of the solicitors that law firms employ are specialists in a particular area of financial law. Tax is a good example of a special area of the law in which many solicitors specialise. Try and match your precise need to a solicitor, as this will give your case a much better chance of success.

A law firm in London is just the same as a law firm in any other part of the country. They have to comply with the code of conduct that governs their activities. A law firm in London should also have solicitors that hold a practising certificate. This is a legal requirement of the Solicitors Act 1974. Check that any law firm in London you hire has these certificates in place.

London is also the centre for criminal cases as the city contains the Old Bailey that is more properly known as the Central Criminal Court. This court hears the most serious criminal cases. To handle any criminal case you are involved with you must have a barrister. Only barristers can speak in a criminal court. All barristers should be members of the professional body that represents them, called the General Council of the Bar, but usually referred to as just the Bar Council.

If you need general help and advice about the law (particularly legal aid) before you formally contact a solicitor in London, the Citizens Advice Bureau has many offices across the city. Contact them on 020 7236 1156.

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