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As a citizen of the UK you will be aware of the laws and regulations you must comply with to ensure you don’t break the law. International law also applies to you. As the UK is part of the EU, many of the laws and regulations that are enacted in Brussels are now part of UK law. As such you must also ensure you do not break any of these laws.

International law can also mean cross-border legislation is in place that every business or individual should be aware of. A good example is the Distance Selling Regulations that govern how goods are sold on the internet. International law can come into play if a dispute occurs between the seller and the buyer. If you do become involved in these types of cases it is important to have qualified legal support. Never attempt to handle these types of cases alone, as they can be highly complex and are not suited to laypersons.

Jurisdictions across the world have also merged together to a certain degree. This merger has been necessary to ensure that some international organisations can operate effectively. Examples include the World Trade Organisation, UNESCO and the World Intellectual Property Organisation. International law ensures that these enterprises can carry out their activities within the legal framework of the world’s governments.

International law by its very nature can be highly complex and open to interpretation. This is why you should always have properly qualified representation if you or your business is accused of breaking any international law. Don’t attempt to handle these types of cases yourself – a qualified solicitor must handle them. If you do fall foul of international law, contact a solicitor as soon as you can, as their help and advice will be invaluable.

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