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If your business is involved in the buying or selling of property, or your business is a commercial construction company, the services of a commercial property lawyer will be essential. The range and diversity of regulations and legislation that impact on commercial property today is immense. Your business should never attempt to handle the legal aspects of any purchase or sale without qualified legal advice.

Also, a commercial property lawyer can be invaluable if you are a landlord in negotiations with potential tenants for your property. Commercial leases can be a minefield with many legal pitfalls to avoid. A commercial property lawyer will be in full possession of all the latest regulations to ensure your business obtains the best possible deal.

In the commercial construction industry it is important that your business uses properly accredited legal advisors. Anyone can set themselves up in business and call themselves a lawyer, but only those professionals that that accredited with the Law Societies in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland can call themselves solicitors.

Often the term ‘solicitor’ and ‘lawyer’ are used interchangeably. This is allowed, but a lawyer cannot claim to be a solicitor as this is a protected term and only relates to professionals that have a practising certificate and are, therefore, automatically accredited by the Law Society.

A commercial property lawyer should be able to show your business that they are fully qualified to help your enterprise in whatever area of commercial property law you work within. Always check these qualifications before taking commercial property advice that you later act upon.

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