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If your business is based in the capital, commercial lawyers in London can provide a range of legal services you can call upon when you need them. Often, commercial lawyers in London will handle property sales and purchases, or handle the financial aspects of the businesses they work for. But among other things commercial lawyers in London can help you with: 

  • Tax law
  • Employment law
  • Company formations
  • Debt recovery
  • Contract negotiations
  • Intellectual property law

As London has such a diverse range of businesses, many commercial lawyers in London have become specialised. A large number of law firms have lawyers on their staff that are expert in a particular area of business law. Other commercial lawyers in London will work for law firms that only specialise in one aspect of business law. Tax or intellectual property are good examples. It is important to match the commercial lawyers in London you use with your business’s precise needs.

It is also advisable to check the credentials of any commercial lawyers in London your business uses. All commercial lawyers in London should be accredited with the Law Society of England and Wales. They should also hold a current practising certificate. Check that any commercial lawyers you use are fully qualified.

Business law is one of the most complex areas of the UK’s legal system. It is never advisable to handle the legal aspects of your business alone. The benefits of using a commercial lawyer far outweigh the costs and will reduce the stress that business law can put you and your business under.

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